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Rehearsal began as a single scene inspired by a real band back in my early teen years. That written scene got lost, but the story kept growing in my head. Finally, in 1996, I began writting it, on notebook paper with pencil and stored in a binder. I wrote it by scene, one here and one there as they came to me, and later began to fill it in. As it filled in, it grew exponentially. In 2006 when I published book one, Rehearsal: A Different Drummer, I had 4 books planned, a serial starting in 1974 and running through 1980. But it kept growing. There are 4 books out by now, but I'm pulling them to do rewrites/additions/edits with new covers. And the serial/saga will extend to at least 8 books. It's definitely a niche reader story with plenty of subplots, family issues, and deep characterization. There is a sequel in progress and a possible prequel down the road.Many of my shorter books relate back to Rehearsal in some way, even though they aren't technically part of the series.
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The gallery: Finishing Touches and Final Strokes

Finishing Touches Trade Paperback  The gallery Trade Paperback Finishing Touches eBook Final Strokes eBook
FT trade paperback | FT & FS trade paperback combined | FT eBook | FS eBook

Finishing Touches (2004) is the story of Jenna, a young widow with a new baby who had dabbled in her art passion for years before getting married to an artist whose popularity overshadows her passion. With an overbearing mother trying to pull her into a more "upscale" world via potential suitors and her long-time best friend making overtures despite being married, Jenna struggles to return to herself and her own passion.
Final Strokes (2013) finds Jenna in Chicago living with her artist boyfriend and taking care of her two children. Now working within the art field at a job she loves, she finds herself again at a crossroads when they have different visions of the future.

Story behind the Story: Finishing Touches has some autobiographical elements. The young artist who doesn't feel up to "real" artist standards of those around her. The fear of becoming a single mom with a small child (my daughter was still a baby when her dad went to serve in Desert Storm). And the small town in central Illinois was taken from my own hometown outside Peoria that still doesn't even have a stop light since there's no need for one. And like Jenna, I attended ICC. All of the rest is purely fictional. I get along with my mom very well. :)
I wrote and published this one over four years, in between working on Rehearsal. It was my first published book.

Finishing Touches was released as separate print and eBook editions.
Final Strokes is available separately as an eBook and is included within The gallery in print.

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Off The Moon |  Moondrops & Thistles

Off The Moon cover Off The Moon hardcover

trade paperback | hardcover

Off The Moon is the story of Ryan Reynauld, a young pop singer at the top of the charts, cocky in appearance but battling stomach issues from nerves and hard living. Dodging his bodyguard and friend, Daws, he darts up to a New York skyscraper across from where he's supposed to be working and finds a young woman standing on a window ledge. Narrowly able to pull her in, he is left with the decision of what to do next.

Story behind the Story: This one actually started with Katie. The plan was to explore a young girl's unwillingness to talk to people and her reasons behind it, other than social phobia/social anxiety disorder. I built the story around her character in the beginning, but someone who is that unwilling to talk would also be unwilling to share her story easily. And Ryan's own issues started to take more dominance than only as an antagonist. So I let him tell the story and show how hard it can be to help someone open up and let others in, especially while fighting your own battles.

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 Moondrops & Thistles pb cover Moondrops & Thistles ebook Moondrops & Thistles hardcover

trade paperback | eBook | hardcover

of Off The Moon loved Daws and asked for more of his story. Therefore: Moondrops & Thistles. Set 9 years before OTM, it's the story of Fred Dawson (Daws) before he became Reynauld's bodyguard. A highly respected SGT, Daws serves in Desert Storm, saving the life one of his men in a daring/foolhardy rescue, but soon after loses his captain and feels partly responsible. Being sent on leave to regain his bearings, he goes home to NYC and runs into Deanna, a fiery advertising admin trying to advance against the odds. Both struggling with personal issues and wary of relationships, their instant spark quickly grows.

The Story behind the Story: Daws is a tribute to my own Desert Storm soldier. Deanna deals with a lot of the issues I did during our career Army life. I have never been on Fort Drum so any details there are research-based but fictional.

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Protect the Heart

Protect the Heart
trade paperback

Protect the Heart is a story of those who served, but also of those who took care of the homefront. Abraham, an artist who works in wood, leaves his father on his own when he's called to serve. Maura takes care of her ailing father and volunteers at a hospital while looking after young women left on their own with children. Introduced by a mutual friend, their correspondence provides a light neither would have expected. A sweet romantic historical.

The Story behind the Story: PTH is set in my husband's home area of southern Idaho, near the great Snake River, and the cover photo is one I took many years ago from a bridge. The story is partly a tribute to my great uncles Hal and Max, who served in WW2. One of them came home a highly decorated pilot. The other, also decorated, went down in Japan. His brother found the remains of his plane when visiting a girl who would become his wife.

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Stanley: A Raindrop's Story

Stanley pb   Stanley hc

paperback | hardcover

Stanley is a little raindrop who always finds the hardest spots to land. He wonders why his path feels so much harder than that of his friends until he learns the value of hard lessons.

Stanley is my one children's book so far, although I have ideas for others. It was inspired by my military kids and my grandpa, the wise raindrop's namesake. Started as a simple home-printed project for my kids and nieces and nephews, its popularity spread until I decided to put it in actual print. It has been given as gifts to adults facing crises and used by missionaries. The paperback illustrations are quilt squares pulled from the quilt Mom made for the story because she was so taken by it. The hardcover illustrations are my own paintings.

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Art Journals

Gates and Gardens journal      My Story
Thoughts & Sketches paperback | My Story (So Far) hardcover

The art journals are part of my quest to encourage creativity and personal journaling. Filled with my own artwork,
Thoughts & Sketches is aimed at adults, a coloring journal not as intricate as most, with space to write and prompts to get you started. Gates & Gardens, featuring flowers, pollinators, and pretty gates, is the first of a planned collection. The next to come features music and dance.

My Story (So Far) is aimed at young people, with a growth tree(chart), pages to list favorite things, and some prompted story space at the end. Included are images that can be colored with pencils, gel pens, or crayons. Markers not suggested. A keepsake hardcover.
(This book is currently only available through me, since my publishing company decided not to accept journals with blank pages. I will fix that and republish as soon as possible. I do have stock available and will personally sign them!)









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